Do you love unhinged conversations, inconsistent accents and lady beards? Well do I have a treat for y— oh wait, did you say “no”? The question was rhetorical…

Fun fact: I was going to call this “A Newfoundlander, a Russian and an Influencer Walk into a Therapist’s Office”.

I didn’t, I was just going to.

The kids’ hockey season ended a couple weeks ago. My newfound freedom has been spent de-cluttering, filling bags for give-away and scrubbing every neglected surface of my house.

Just kidding. But now, having written that, those are maybe some activities I should consider.

I am considering considering it.

But I did find time to pinch off this hefty number.

Either you’re with me or you’re going to absolutely hate the next twelve-and-a-half minutes of your life.

Either way: I appreciate you.

Still weird,