…is one of the many soul-probing questions this blog is sure to offer. Honestly, I’m pretty sure there are no grape Pop-tarts. Which leads me to the next Great Question: Why the hell are there no grape pop-tarts?

End of question period.

So. Here I am. “Blogging”. I don’t know why I felt the need to put that in quotations but I feel like if I were speaking to you I would have used air quotes. Maybe because blogging is so yuppie (and awesome) of me, so they were bashful quotation marks. Or maybe I’m still not entirely at ease with “blogging” being a word. I would have likewise quoted “yarpling”, “jimblong” or “gleeplop”. Nonetheless, a-blogging I will go.

This is supposed to be my intro. Right. Well, I am 29 and plan to stay that way for at least another 5 years. I’m a Physiotherapist by trade but (ear-muffs, patients) really feel like a big phony. Don’t get me wrong, the people I work with are great and we have a laugh. I shouldn’t complain really. It’s just that both sides of my brain have been blazing since I was a youngster (it’s a Newfoundland word) and my parents gently encouraged (read: chased me with hot pokers towards) my pursuit of science. Sure, they loved that I could write and act (I was Mrs. Claus in my grade 6 Christmas play. Nailed it. No big deal). But those were “hobbies”. The science route would get me a “job”. So here I stand (sit with appalling posture): tens of thousands of dollars in student debt, paying $99 USD for a blog with it’s own domain and free of pop-up ads so I can finally pursue what I love.

Oh life. Oh you.

Ok I hate to run but Christmas reigns on. Off I go to a house party. I’m pretty sure I’m starting to sweat red wine.

New Year’s resolution #1. Start a blog. CHA-BLING! Winning!

New Year’s resolution #2. Maybe think of cutting back on the red wine. Maybe. Or just…I don’t know. Think of thinking about it. Abstractly.

Piz-oot ma frinds (read: thanks for reading, mom)

Heather on a Rock